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alpha arbutin 3 plus collagen lotion.500ml


Deep white essence with 3× alpha arbutin.moisturizing



dark spots removal

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<p>Deep white essence with 3× alpha arbutin.moisturizing&nbsp;</p><p>whitening&nbsp;</p><p>anti-aging</p><p>dark spots removal&nbsp;</p>

Weight: Standard
Suitable skin type: All skin types
Ingredients: Alpha arbutin + Collagen

Brightens Skin
Improves Skin Texture
Reduce Black Pigment

Product description:
Alpha Arbutin 3+ Collagen Lotion Outstanding features of Alpha Arbutin – With the ability to Lighten skin in the market today, it also gives customers a beautiful white skin brighter every day for outstanding use. With a light and completely flawless Skin, Light skin cream penetrates deep into each skin cell epidermis. Helps to improve in 3-4 weeks.

Direction for use:
Specially, you apply 1 to 3 to 10 times a layer of cream to the skin at once but the skin is still light, and airy – Apply a sufficient amount of cream evenly throughout the body, use twice a day and before bedtime.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 7 cm


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