Benefits Of Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold Lotion

Purec Egyptian magic Gold Lotion.

this purec lotion is specifically designed to give you a tinted whitening within 14 days.

 In this post, I will be sharing the product benefits and other information you need to know about Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold Lotion. 

Benefits Of Purec Egyptian magic Gold Lotion

Purec Egyptian Magic Whitening Gold Lotion Contains.

for face and body.


contains carrot extract, Egg yolk and  L-glutathione.

Other Benefits

  •     Anti Pimples.
  •     firming.
  •     smoothening.
  •     fades discoloration.
  •     Anti Blemish

for all skin types.

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How To Use Purec Egyptian magic Gold Lotion

Apply morning and night on cleansed skin, gently massage till complete absorption.

How To Know the Original Product

The original product contains a scratch card by the side as shown in the image below. You can follow the information on the scratch card to get confirmation if the product is Original Or not. Please note that this works only in Nigeria.

however to get the original pls contact www.adukesignature.com or www.orekelewaskincare.com


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