"Unleashing your skin's beauty with our most polished products from all over the continent with naturally sourced ingredients; authenticity untainted, more effective, better!"

Aduke Signature is a world-class online wellness and skincare brand. Our mission is to become the most popular online store providing you with polished products from the world’s local ingredients.

We launched over a decade ago after realizing a groundbreaking discovery. We saw there was a preference for the use of local products over artificial which has carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). To avoid this, each of the ingredients used has been specially picked and polished so you have the best experience with your new skin.

We serve a wholesale and retail consumer base with these products spanning various categories including skin supplements, anti-pimple, anti-ageing, moisturising lotions, whitening lotions, and even much more. We have products increasing in variety for all skin types!


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