DA039D5F-FD8B40E1-9DB945BD-2701FB982 x Piment doux lightening serum 60ML.each - Aduke Signature

2 x Piment doux lightening serum 60ML.each



dark spots remover

helps removes stains

can clear dark knuckles if applied to dark spots with cotton wool consistently

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Piment doux concentré Traitant & Eclaircissant

Sweet Pepper, is a concentrated, repair all disformités and irregularities of the skin and complexion. Helps remove stains on all ls body parts, quickly lightens the skin, ethomogénise complexion.


Sweet Pepper is a powerful ultra concentrated brightening and should be applied to stubborn spots or the parties to clarify. Also add to your lotion to achieve the desired degree of enlightenment.

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