melanocool and melano-free cream


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melanocool cream

Skin type:All skin types.

Ingredients:Glycerin , Almond oil , Honey , Mint , Coconut oil , Olive oil , Vitamin E & Aloe Vera


Removes crust and redness resulting from using peeling whitening creams

– Maintains healthy skin & stimulates the renewal of skin cells

– Used to treat infections and sunburn

– nourishes.

– Moisturize dry skin, elbows, knees and foot cracks

– Used to calm skin after using hair removal method

melanofree Product description:

is a product for skin lightening cream.
clear all hyperpigmentation cases as melasma, freckles, and acne scar.
-Lightens and even tones the skin.
-Removes the darkening of joints.

approved by FDA
Hydroquinone 4%: Whitening
Tretinoin 0.05: peeling
Fluocinonide 0.01%:

Directions for use:Use it daily for one month, once at night for 30 minutes only then wash your face and follow it with melano moisturizing cream, then stop gradually.

For stopping gradually, you should use Melanofree cream as follows:
1st week : 3 times in a week used with the same method of applying each other day ( 3 times a week)
2nd week: use the same method of applying twice a week.
3rd week: use the same method of applying once a week

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