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Sepiwhite Skin Whitening Serum is 100% organic serum. The serum is an excellent skin lightener and brightener and gives your skin the perfect glow

Net volume: 125ml
Suitable skin type: All skin types
Ingredients: certified botanical and organic plants extracts, Vitamin C
Purpose:whitening and glowing of skin, total perfection, provides collagen support to your skin, contributes to the Elimination of Sagging Regions Due to Old Age.

Product description:Sepi white skin beauty serum can be added to creams or oil to boost the skin whitening and it’s 100% organic. its an exclusive strong whitening serum in mixing your cream for halfcast complexion.

Direction for use: For best result you are advised to mix the serum with a lotion or a bath. It can not be used on its own due to the high whitening content.

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